Focus On New you!

Hi everyone!! I am Shyam Dadhaniya (Bunny).

Chemistry Aspirant | SDGBI Team Member | Blogger | Content Writer | Storyteller | Learner

I love to listen to music, podcast and different lectures from great personalities.

So, Here I am to share some really great life changing thoughts and collective learnings from experts of different areas. I will make sure to come up with bold and cool stuff.

The space we form here will be full of Creative and Valuable thoughts, Stories, Well known examples, Ideas, Sports, About Books, Entertainment, Some rare known things and what not. The purpose of this is to convert all this eventually into a bundle of learning for betterment of tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for reaching till here! I hope you would love to read all stuff and would help you have a better perspective and personality in life.

Your thoughts are always welcomed!!!

Remember Today is the slowest day of your life

Because The world is growing at a rapid speed.

-AB (Anand Bhattnagar)

Freshly Crisped Content

“Let me sing a kutti story

pay attention listen to me

if you want take it or else leave it baby

life is very short Nanba always be happy”

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